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Hey all!

As YEE test net ’s release time approaching, our team is working around the clock busy finalizing details, getting ready for the release. Thanks to the hard working of the team, 62 new commits add to GitHub this week and counting.

We notice in our community that some of you would like to contribute to our code and we are very glad and thankful. Now you can add new issues so you can leave your comments, ideas or even codes.

Looking forward to seeing your contributions.

Highlights this week

DHT network completion

As another crucial part of YEE blockchain, the DHT (Distributed Hash Table) network development work is near completion and we are starting testing and joint debugging work.

In the test network phase that went online in March, the DHT network was mainly used to test transaction data transmission and storage between network nodes. Based on the white paper and the distributed communication technology accumulated over the years, YEE team will gradually upgrade DHT to CDHT and become a set of decentralized cloud storage services. Data files such as source code files, audio, and video, pictures and texts are stored in the network. Make full use of the advantages of P2P networks on multiple nodes, easy to expand and extremely secure. After completing the DHT network development, the public chain R&D team is also promoting functions such as P2P network, node deployment, transfer transactions, test account application, and test currency collection. According to the plan, some functions will be completed next week.

YeeCall’s new patent

This week, YEE project partner YeeCall's video patent "An Adaptive Video Coding Method and Terminal" passed the official review of the Chinese Patent Office, made an authorization decision and issued an authorized patent. The invention can truly reflect the real interest area of ​​the peer user in the process of the video call of the terminal and provides the user with a good video calling visual experience.

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Media coverage

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YEE attends “Carbon Language: Consensus Mechanism”

On February 23, the YEE team also participated in the “Carbon Language: Consensus Mechanism” activity held by the carbon chain value, and introduced the Tetris consensus algorithm with the blockchain practitioners and enthusiasts present.

Community activities

This week, we have a special column for some of our lovely community members who are very passionate and caring for the project.

The team would love to take this opportunity and thank you all for the enthusiasm and your contribution.

@小白 @图图 @我不是老师 @亿币银行 @图图 @Ray

Thank you!

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See you next week!

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