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Hey all!

Always a pleasure to bring you all our latest update.

After the Tetris consensus algorithm, DHT network, and P2P network were basically completed in the past few weeks, the focus of YEE project development this week has been the joint adjustment stage, which is also the most painful and most devastating stage. YEE blockchain developers spent a lot of time on the interface docking, bug fixes, etc. The intuitive response is that GitHub code update speed has decreased compared with the previous weeks. This week, 27commits were updated, mainly to solve the consensus algorithm, DHT network, P2P network operation problems. It is expected that next week, with the completion of joint debugging, we will gradually increase the number of new code contributions. Everyone is welcome to view or contribute to our project on GitHub. Here

Highlights this week

YEE Study Session

On Saturday, we held a study session in WeChat group ‘YEECO learning & YEE builders”. During the session, we shared the design logic of CDHT. CDHT is a distributed file management system similar to IPFS. All the data of YEECO (including files, transaction data, etc.), as the key-value pairs, is stored in the decentralized coded slice storage network CDHT. CDHT is a cloud storage system. It is built on the P2P network and makes full use of the advantages of the P2P network. It is easy to expand and it’s extremely secure because the data is stored on multiple nodes.

YEE attend ‘Blockchain Information Service Management Regulations’ meeting in Beijing

On Friday, YEE team also participated in the “Interpretation of Policy on the Management of the Regulations on Blockchain Information Services” jointly organized by Node Capital and Beijing Blockchain Technology Application Association. At the meeting, YEE systematically studied the Regulations on the Management of Blockchain Information Services.

Github Commits

We have 27 new commits this week, check them out here.

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See you next week!

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