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Hey all,

This week, we are extremely excited to see that, after the completion of YEECO blockchain DHT network, YEECO’s another crucial part P2P network is close to completion, thanks to the exceptionally hard work of our developers. P2P network one of the foundational part of YEECO blockchain and it is mainly used to verify the broadcast and synchronization of data between nodes, ensuring that nodes can reach consensus.

This is the third module completed after the Tetris consensus and DHT network. There are a few more functions such as node deployment, transaction function, and test account system on the to-do list.

We thank you all for the support all along!

Highlights this week

YEE blockchain P2P network completion

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YEE partner YeeCall receive a second patent in one week

YEE project partner YeeCall’s remote conference patent “remote conference control method and device based on automatic recognition of howling” was approved by the Chinese Patent Office, and an authorization decision was made and a patent certificate was issued. The invention can fundamentally eliminate the influence of howling sound on the progress of the audio and video conference, ensure the call quality of the audio and video conference, and improve the user experience. YeeCall has been established for 3 years and has applied for 5 invention patents. Within a week, YeeCall has obtained 2 patents.

YEE community

YEE would like to take this opportunity to thank @图图 for the consecutive support and volunteer work helping manage our YeeCall official group. It is your support which helps us known by more and kept going forward.

Thank you, everyone! and well done!

Github Commits

We have 42 new commits this week, check them out here.

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See you next week!

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