Yee Project Update — 2018/2/23

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Happy Chinese New Year!

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Yee News

At the beginning of February, Yee product team went to South Korea and Japan for a business trip to learn about local policies regarding cryptocurrency and meet local cryptocurrency investors. Learnings from this business trip would help Yee enter South Korean and Japanese marketing in the near future and optimize Yee project.

In South Korea, Yee product team met Coinone leader and discussed local policy and trading information. Yee product team also met local cryptocurrency investors to ask about their trading experience and introduce Yee project.

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In Japan, Yee product team joined seminars regarding cryptocurrency policy. Yee team also had meetings with QUOINE and BTCBOX, 2 of the largest exchanges in Japan licensed by the Japan Financial Services Agency. Besides, Yee team met local cryptocurrency investors with extensive investing experience to learn about their investing preference and their expectations to Yee project.

Yee Community

In February, Yee successfully held an airdrop event. Within one week, Yee telegram followers increased to 64k. In order to let members get the airdrop rewards as soon as possible, Yee distributed all airdrop rewards to all the winner within 1 days by using our self-developed distributing system.

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As of today, Yee built 27 YeeCall group for Chinese Yee project followers. (Each group has 2000 members)

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Meanwhile, Yee holds another 2 airdrop events exclusive for Yee community members, collaborating with Huobi pro

  1. Sent 4000 HT to all Yee users
  2. Sent 20 YEE to first 500 Huobi new registers
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Yee Development

Yee partner, YeeCall released the lastest version on Google Play and iOS app store

What’s new?

In order to better support blockchain community to discuss in large group, Yee optimized the following:

  1. Support group with 10k group members
  2. Support group pinned message, browsing pinned message in the past etc.
  3. Group management
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Download latest version of YeeCall on Google Play and iOS app store now

Google play:

iOS app store:

Yee Wallet 1.0 is coming…

Yee developers are working on developing Yee Wallet 1.0

Yee Wallet 1.0 will support low gas, multiple cryptocurrency instant transfer, multiple cryptocurrency airdrops in YeeCall and red packet.

Yee Wallet 1.0 will be available in the next quarter.

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Yee Product Team

Stay tuned!

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