Yee Project Update 2018/10/27–2018/11/02

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Hi, Yee fans. It’s time to see the latest Yee weekly report.

Yee Project

Why Do We Put All Effort Into YeeChain In The Bear Market

He said in his article, “We believe that a practical public chain should support millions of TPS. To meet this demand, the technology of Layer0 should be optimized from the aspects of transaction processing, network, and storage, etc., and the consensus mechanism of Layer1 should also be highly innovative. Therefore, we have improved the Layer0 by using various innovative technologies such as asymmetric sharding, subnetting scheme, and distributed storage.”

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The comparison of several famous public chains from the infrastructure.

He believed that blockchain development was all about a group of reliable people forming a reliable community and doing a great thing together. So we invite people who were interested in YeeChain to join our VIP plan. If you want to join this plan, please fill out the form below.

Click here to apply:

YeeCall Wallet Web version is online

YeeCall Wallet Web version:

Besides, YeeCall web version will be online at the end of November.


YeeChain white paper is coming

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YeeChain chief scientist Jim Xu

YeeChain commits are continuously updated


Sam Talk Episode two

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Yee partner, blockchain quiz platform, will release an activity about Yee

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If you want to join our VIP plan, click the following link to apply

Check out more details about Yee project, YeeCall, and YEE token at our website and other channels:

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