Yee Project Update 2018/09/15–2018/09/21

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Yee Project

YeeChain: Yee public chain is continuously updated.

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Uncle Sam, who is from Canada and has nearly 20 years of R&D experience, is a full-stack engineer and is proficient in Java, ObjC, and JS. He had served as CSOFT Global Architect of multinational corporations and led the development of ÜbrTà, one of the earliest enterprise-level translation automation management systems. In 2015, he participated in the creation of YeeCall, responsible for the development of Android, iOS, server, and front-end. In 2015, Sam began to study various public chains. In 2018, he led the development of YeeCall multi-currency wallet.

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Yee Application YeeCall: new versions are available

1. Group admin can ban a group member for a certain period of time

2. Group admin can invite other users to join a group through face to face group invitation

Yee Community

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Yee News

Yee team attended the Asia Fintech and Blockchain Summit 2018 in Manila and Yee team’s project has attracted media’s attention.

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Vietnam renowned media, Tech Talk, made a report about YeeCall and its OTC trading feature.

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