Yee Community Had the First Meetup in Beijing

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On March 11, Yee community had the first meetup in Beijing. Yee CEO Zhang Lei, Yee COO Ruan Long, and the core team of Yee project attended the meetup and shared the development and progress of Yee project. They also talked with the community members who are following Yee project and answered their questions.

Introduction Session

Attendees introducing themselves before the event began

Before the event began, the community members introduced themselves and how they joined Yee community and why they want to invest in Yee project.

Yee CEO Zhang Lei Shared the roadmap and progress of Yee project

Yee CEO Zhang Lei sharing the progress of Yee project

As the first speaker, Yee CEO Zhang Lei introduced the roadmap and current progress of Yee project. The headquarter of Yee is located in Singapore. Yee team has extensive technological experience in the telecommunication, AI, and blockchain fields.

With more than 10 years of experience in the telecommunication field, the team has successfully developed and operated 3 mobile apps with over 100 million users worldwide, and they are DU Battery Saver (200 million users),DU Speed Booster (100 million users), and Baidu Mobile security (200 million users). Over the past 3 years, the team has been studying AI and the blockchain technology and is ready to contribute what they have to Yee project.

Yee COO Ruan Long shared the development of Yee’s first application/partner YeeCall

Yee COO Ruan Long introducing the development of Yee’s first application YeeCall

After Mr. Zhang’s sharing, Yee COO Ruan Long went on to introduce the development of Yee’s first application YeeCall. As a free HD video call app that supports peer-to-peer chat and group chat, YeeCall has over 30 million users worldwide. To provide best user experience, YeeCall has established a communication network that has 5 data centers and more than 400 relay nodes, covering 227 countries and over 1,000 telecom operators.

Q&A Session

A community member asking questions

After introducing the progress of Yee project, Yee CEO Zhang Lei and Yee COO Ruan Long talked with the community members and answered their questions about Yee project.

Gifts for the Attendees

Red packets distributing

To thank their support for Yee project, the team distributed red packets and YEE tokens on mobile to all attendees.


We’re already planning the next meetup. Let us know where you locate and we are looking forward to meeting you soon.

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A decentralized, high-performance infrastructure for the Internet of everything in 5G era 🔗Site:, Twitter: @YeeCoOfficial, Telegram: @yeeofficialgroup

A decentralized, high-performance infrastructure for the Internet of everything in 5G era 🔗Site:, Twitter: @YeeCoOfficial, Telegram: @yeeofficialgroup