Instructions on starting YEE-Erc20 switch after YeeCo mainnet release

The YeeCo MainNet will be released soon, and it is planned to start the registration of YEE-Erc20 token switching from July 30th. During the mainnet conversion process, the Erc20 tokens placed in the wallet and circulation platform will not be invalidated, so please don’t worry about it.

The Erc20 token switching process is more complicated. The token switching work of wallets and exchanges will be carried out one by one. The time will be determined according to the specific progress. Please pay close attention to the official platform announcement. The YEE-Erc20 token switch between Huobi Global and OKex exchange is in progress. Before the exchange officially supports it, YEE-YeeCo tokens do not support trading at the moment.

Banko Wallet will be the first to support the creation of YeeCo MainNet addresses and the conversion of YEE-Erc20 tokens to YEE-YeeCo. You can download Banko Wallet for related operations. The specific operation process is as follows:

Step 1: Download the Banko wallet (download address: to create an HD wallet, and add the new currency YEE-YeeCo in “Assets” to obtain the YeeCo mainnet address.

Step 2: Click the “App” tab, enter the switch bridge through banner, and switch the wallet to store the Yee-Erc20 address.

Step 3: Enter the YeeCo mainnet wallet address and conversion amount generated in the Banko wallet.

Step 4: Confirm the switch amount, confirm the registration, and wait to receive YEE-YeeCo next Tuesday.

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