Connecting everything from the origin — YeeCo Mainnet Mining officially started!

As a public chain based on PoW mining mechanism, YeeCo attaches great importance to the recruitment of hashrate. On August 12th, YeeCo started the recruitment of mainnet hashrate simultaneously. YeeCo would like to recruite developers for the safety and performance of YeeCo Mainnet.

Introduction of YeeCo Mainnet Mining

YeeCo Mainnet

YeeCo Mainnet strictly follow the standard blockchain system and provide infrastructure such as distributed network, explore, wallet, virtual machine and so on. At the same time, on the basis of YeeCo Testnet, the network communication efficiency, security and network openness are further improved.

By parallel mining, one hashrate can be applied to all sharding, so that the difficulty of each sharding chain will be pushed up and the whole network hashrate will be all digging the same level on a chain in the YeeCo Mainnet. The same one hashrate can theoretically be applied to all sharding at the same time, and receive the benefits of multiple shards.

Purpose of the Activity

YeeCo’s root chain is based on the PoW mining mechanism, At the beginning of the main network, we need enough HashRate to ensure network security, and then avoid the potential risk of computational power attack.We will be the first to open CPU、GPU mining function to the community, followed by other mining methods.

Introduction to YeeCo Mining Algorithm

Like most blockchain technologies, YeeCo adopts an incentive-driven proof of work model, PoW, to ensure security. The adopted consensus is based on selecting the block with the highest difficulty. Miners in the mining plan create blocks, and other miners check the validity of the blocks created. Any node participating in the network can become a miner, and the mining benefits are proportional to the hashrate it owns.

Mainnet mining algorithm

YeeCo Mainnet uses the Blake2B algorithm with the highest safety factor. The Blake2B algorithm can generate 512 bits of length hash . Up to now, no against the blake2b algorithm has been found. Blake2b algorithm has an absolute advantage in security and computing speed compared with other common MD5、SHA-1、SHA-2、SHA-3 algorithms.

Mainnet Mining tutorial

YeeCo Mainnet mining needs to have a certain development basis, the tutorial has been written into the github, please see the following link:

Common problem

1. Can I mine by my laptops / family desktops?

Yes, For a more convenient Mainnet experience, CPU, GPU mining procedures are provided, and mining can be carried out only. It is important to note that mining will consume electricity resources, but also to measure the proceeds of mining.

2. What are the configuration requirements for family computer mining?

An ordinary family computer can complete CPU and GPU mining, but the specific benefit situation will be positively related to the computer configuration.

3. Does it support CPU or mining machine mining?

YeeCo Mainnet first opened the GPU mining function, and we will successively release CPU, ASIC and other mining interfaces.

4. How about the benefit of YeeCo Mainnet mining?

YeeCo Mainnet initial accounting reward for each block is 256 YEE. At the same time, because of the parallel mining mechanism adopted by the YeeCo, the same computing power can be dug into the block at the same time, and the income of multiple slices can be obtained at the same time.

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A decentralized, high-performance infrastructure for the Internet of everything in 5G era 🔗Site:, Twitter: @YeeCoOfficial, Telegram: @yeeofficialgroup

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Blockchain promise of beeing a huge leap forward is materializing sooner than everyone expected……

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Yee Foundation

A decentralized, high-performance infrastructure for the Internet of everything in 5G era 🔗Site:, Twitter: @YeeCoOfficial, Telegram: @yeeofficialgroup

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