Connecting everything from the origin — YeeCo Mainnet Mining officially started!

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As a public chain based on PoW mining mechanism, YeeCo attaches great importance to the recruitment of hashrate. On August 12th, YeeCo started the recruitment of mainnet hashrate simultaneously. YeeCo would like to recruite developers for the safety and performance of YeeCo Mainnet.

Introduction of YeeCo Mainnet Mining

YeeCo Mainnet

By parallel mining, one hashrate can be applied to all sharding, so that the difficulty of each sharding chain will be pushed up and the whole network hashrate will be all digging the same level on a chain in the YeeCo Mainnet. The same one hashrate can theoretically be applied to all sharding at the same time, and receive the benefits of multiple shards.

Purpose of the Activity

Introduction to YeeCo Mining Algorithm

Mainnet mining algorithm

Mainnet Mining tutorial

Common problem

1. Can I mine by my laptops / family desktops?

2. What are the configuration requirements for family computer mining?

3. Does it support CPU or mining machine mining?

4. How about the benefit of YeeCo Mainnet mining?

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