YEE Token Airdrop for Yee Twitter Followers

Our community is becoming bigger and bigger and to thank the community for their support on March 1st, 2018 Yee’s Twitter followers could get 50 YEE tokens per follower.

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How to get 50 YEE tokens?

In order to take part of the airdrop you have to:

  1. Follow our Twitter
  2. Share the pinned tweet and @ 3 different twitter friends
  3. Join our telegram group

To claim your YEE tokens you’ll need to fill out the form through which you send us your Twitter handle, Telegram Username, and link of your retweet and your ETH wallet/YEE address. You can already start filling the form:

The airdrop will be available only for the first 5000 Twitter followers that finish all the steps and claim the YEE tokens. The airdrop will be distributed as soon as possible after we verified all 5000 followers.

Hurry up! Don’t loose this opportunity,

Follow our Twitter now

And join our Telegram group

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We want to provide our followers a quality airdrop and continue to host airdrops in the future. We can only do this with your help by not spamming our social media channels or telegram groups. Please do not spam our social media or telegram groups with questions about the YEE coin airdrop or sending ads in our telegram group, as spamming will result in a BAN from this airdrop without a warning. Example of spamming is posting ‘’I joined airdrop’’ or ‘’When will I get my airdrop?’’ or sending other ads in the group

• In order to get airdrop rewards, you need to follow Yee official Twitter and stay in Yee official telegram group. Please do not change your Twitter handle and telegram username during the YEE coin airdrop. Otherwise you would not be able to get rewards, because we could recognize you in the Twitter followers.

Only REAL Twitter follower and active members of Yee official telegram group will get the airdrop. Bots and fake users will be removed from reward list.

One ETH/YEE wallet address cannot be submitted multiple times. Multiple users submitting one ETH/YEE wallet address will be regarded as cheating behavior.

One Twitter account can be only submitted once. Multiple submission will be treated as cheating and will be banned from airdrop

• Each user need to @ 3 real different twitter friends to enter the airdrop, otherwise you won’t get the rewards

ALL cheating behaviors will not be tolerated. During the airdrop event, If any user’s involving in any cheating behaviors detected, Yee has the right to cancel the user’s rewards and start legal investigation if necessary

  • Yee team reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

Follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates:

Check out more details about Yee project and YEE token at our website and other channels:

Our website:




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